One step closer to leaving the EU

For the first time in this difficult process, the Conservative Party has rallied round a single position; that the Prime Minister should return to Brussels to renegotiate the Irish Protocol, or backstop. Virtually every Conservative MP united behind Sir Graham Brady’s amendment which calls for “a

A brighter future for fishing in Filey

I am delighted that the Environmental Agency has confirmed that, from the start of this week, fishermen can have an extra two months to fish for sea trout in Filey in 2019. This is excellent news for this wonderful seaside town.

Joining forces to find a broadband solution for hard-to-reach areas

I have been joined by eight colleagues representing rural constituencies where superfast (30 Mbps) broadband coverage is below 85 per cent to urge Openreach to develop a fixed wireless strategy for rural areas and work with third party suppliers to deliver holistic solutions.