Another step forward for my Parental Bereavement Bill

I’ve had a very positive meeting with Treasury Minister, Margot James, about my Parental Bereavement Bill which is due to come before the House for its Second Reading on October 20th. I am very grateful to the minister for offering to support me during the Bill’s passage through Parliament. The Private Members Bill, will, if it is enacted, give parents who have lost a child statutory paid leave to grieve. At the moment, the Government expects employers to be compassionate and flexible if one of their staff loses a child, but not all employers will respond in this way. This can have a devastating impact on parents, especially those who need time away to grieve. My Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) Bill, will ensure grieving parents in employment receive paid leave to grieve away from the workplace. I was pleased to have been able to highlight the importance of my Bill during a debate on this subject in Westminster Hall this week.