Westminster News

Tackling poverty with the True Living Wage

When we talk about poverty in the UK today, we rarely mean the level of malnutrition and squalor of previous centuries. In fact, it may come as a surprise to many that, of the 13 million people who are living in poverty in the UK, over half are in employment.

A tragic day in Westminster

It was an ordinary Wednesday at Westminster. Then, suddenly, everything changed. The Houses of Parliament were surrounded by police, fire and ambulance personnel and sirens were blaring. There was an air of disbelief as the truth dawned.

Malton and Filey Food Festivals

Producers from Malton and Filey food festivals wowed Parliament with samples of their delicious products at a special food event today.  The Jubilee rooms were packed with Parliamentarians and their staff eager to try out a range of locally sold produce.

The Chancellor’s first and last Spring budget

There was good news for all ages in this budget. In his first Spring budget (which is now to be moved to the Autumn) the Chancellor of the Exchequer made skills and training, education and social care his top priorities.