Conference season is over

It’s that time of year again when life gets back to some sort of normality after the summer break, the children are back at school and bucket and spades are packed away for another year.


The conference season, the start of the political year, is also behind us and MPs gather once again in Westminster for the hustle and bustle of parliamentary life.


The Conservative party conference was a huge success. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, delivered an outstanding speech setting out her vision for a country that works for everyone. She made it clear once again that Brexit means Brexit and there are no ifs and buts on ending both free movement of people and jurisdiction by the European Court of Justice.


Mrs May said that her government would reform corporate governance, create a proper industrial strategy, build more houses, strengthen workers’ rights, introduce bold new education reforms, get immigration under control, continue to invest in the NHS and protect those who cannot work.


I am in no doubt at all that Mrs May means business and that she intends to deliver on these promises and do everything she can to make sure our society and economy works for everyone.


She reaffirmed her commitment to the Northern Powerhouse, to investment in infrastructure, skills, training and research and development policies and, refreshingly, rural broadband.


Mrs May has firmly taken up the centre ground. She has surrounded herself with grounded, hard working and talented ministers and united the backbenches for the first time in a long while. She made the case for the state to intervene where the markets have failed and she called upon us all to do our bit to make Britain a fair and successful country.