Meeting held in Westminster to discuss employment opportunities for people with disabilities

Carolyn and Thomas Cullen from Sowerby, near Thirsk attended a Roundtable discussion in the House of Commons organised by Kevin Hollinrake MP. They joined charities for people with learning difficulties and employer organisations to discuss way of breaking down the barriers preventing people with learning disabilities finding meaningful employment. The general consensus was that a behavioural change is needed amongst employers.  Among the suggestions to drive this were better communication about Access to Work (employment support programme), tackling the fear felt by small businesses about the cost involved, matching skills to jobs, more use of peer to peer support, flexibility of working hours and more apprenticeships. During the meeting, Mrs Cullen said that ‘finding information about services available is a constant merry go round and it is impossible to know who to go to for help’. The conclusions from this meeting and an earlier meeting in July will be sent to the Department of Work and Pensions as part of their consultation process about how to get more disabled people into work.