MP grateful to American campaigner for sharing her experience of fracking

A mother from America has travelled to the UK to give evidence to MPs on Tuesday about her experience of Shale Gas exploration. Amy Nassif is a member of a group of parents who have campaigned against fracking near their local school in Mars, Pennsylvania. Last year she met with Kevin Hollinrake MP for Thirsk and Malton when he travelled to the US to see for himself the impact of drilling for shale gas. Mr. Hollinrake spent time listening to the Mars Parent Group’s concerns and looking at the work in their area.

Mr. Hollinrake set up the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shale Gas Regulation and Planning to examine the potential effects of fracking and safeguards needed to ensure that if drilling goes ahead in the UK all necessary precautions are taken.  Tomorrow Amy Nassif will attend a meeting of the APPG and tell them about the experiences of people living in her hometown.

The Mars Parent Group was formed in 2014 to research unconventional gas drilling and the consequences of a proposal for subsurface drilling under school property and a proposal for a 6 well site .52 miles from the school campus. The parents petitioned the school board to reject the proposal.

When Kevin Hollinrake visited Mars he was made aware of the research done by the parents which he is now pleased to be able to share with the APPG thanks to Amy Nassif’s attendance, 

“I am delighted that Amy will be speaking at the APPG meeting on Tuesday and very grateful to her, and her family, for making the journey to share her thoughts with us. It will be good to see her again and introduce her to my colleagues in Parliament. It is very rare to have evidence given from someone who has so much direct experience of the relevant subject from a resident’s perspective. I know that we will greatly benefit from hearing her views and appreciate the time she has taken to share her thoughts with us.”