Plans to tackle litter across Thirsk and Malton

Litter louts in Thirsk and Malton could face a £150 on the spot fine, thanks to a new government strategy to crackdown on rubbish spoiling our streets and countryside. Drivers who allow litter to be thrown from their car may also have automatic fines of £60, even if they are not responsible themselves.

Kevin Hollinrake who has been urging the government to toughen up on highways litter, in particular, said that he 'is delighted we are doing something to address this serious issue. Highways, like the A64, are blighted by litter thrown out of cars, or dropped off the back of lorries, because people have no regard for our countryside and it spoils it for everyone'

The government will also instruct councils to end ‘the unfair practice of charging people to use tips’, which ministers believe is a major factor in the rise of fly-tipping. Under the strategy, those convicted of fly-tipping for which they are given community service will be forced to help councils clear up fly-tipped waste. Lorry drivers who allow waste material to fall from their vehicles, because it is not properly secured, may also face prosecution. There will also be new guidelines for local authorities on where and how to distribute bins in public places.

Kevin Hollinrake MP said,"I don’t think people realise just how much it costs local councils to clean up after them. In my constituency, Ryedale Council spends £309,000 and in Hambleton, the figure is £842,000 a year, just to collect litter alone. That money could be put to better use. We need to resolve the issues of shared responsibility for cleaning litter from our highways between Highways England and the local authorities, which can often lead to nothing happening, and make sure we have an effective enforcement and prosecution regime for all culprits. I will be taking these points up with the Environment Secretary."