The Prime Minister lends her support to my campaign for more funding for Antibiotic Research

At a meeting with the Prime Minister today, Mrs May, pledged to support my campaign for more funding to fight antibiotic resistance. The Prime Minister fully understood the devastating consequences that this will have in the future if urgent action is not taken. A recent report, chaired by former Treasury Minister, Lord O’Neil, predicted that as bacteria become more resistant to antibiotics, 10 million lives could be lost annually by 2050. Mrs May agreed to put me and my three MP colleagues in touch with key people, such as the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, and the Ministry of Defence where there is concern for the wellbeing of British soldiers abroad. In the meeting, which was also attended by ANTRUK Chairman, Ashley Burgess, I explained why it is important that ANTRUK the world’s first charity dedicated to finding solutions for anti-biotic resistance and which is based in my constituency, maintains its position as a global leader in AMR. I am very encouraged by the Prime Minister’s support and will follow up on her suggestions.