Kevin Hollinrake MP backs Theresa May

We have an important decision to make in what is a historic time and one of monumental importance for the future of our country - we must elect a new leader of the party and a new Prime Minister.

EU Referendum Result

Today is a day for national unity, the Government has clearly heard the views of the people and now the work begins to implement change.

Jo Cox MP

I was devastated to hear of the terrible news of the tragic and senseless loss of Jo Cox MP and my thoughts are with all her family, particularly her husband, children and parents.

EU Referendum

This week we will make one of the most important national decisions of our lifetime. I hope that everyone, old or young, whatever you do, wherever you live and whatever your background will go to one of the many polling stations in Thirsk and Malton to vote.

Broadband or Broadbad? MP holds lively forum to find solutions

Business owners, parish councillors and local householders got the chance on Friday to hear about potential solutions to broadband problems and express their frustrations to several telecommunication company representatives regarding difficulties they have encountered in getting superfast broadband and mobile phone coverage in the constituency.