Calling for a Social Care Premium to fund personal care

A cross-party inquiry by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, which I sit on, and the Health and Social Care Committee has recommended that individuals and employers should pay a new contribution into a dedicated fund set aside to help pay for the growing demand for adult soci

Draft report reveals allegations of serious bank malpractice

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking, which I co-Chair, has published the draft Project Lord Turnbull report, which makes serious allegations of fraud and malpractice causing misery and financial ruin for business owners.

Prime Minister recognises two outstanding North Yorkshire volunteers

I am absolutely delighted that Tony Jameson-Allen and Chris Wilkins have won Points of Lights awards for their ‘Sporting Memories’. Tony and Chris, from Topcliffe, are using the power of famous sporting moments to start conversations with people with dementia.

More money for our local hospitals and health services

I very much welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement that by 2023-24 there will be an extra £20.5 billion pounds for the NHS, which is the equivalent of an extra £394 million per week. I shall be working hard to make sure that we get our fair share in North Yorkshire to support the hardworking s

Joining forces to find a broadband solution for hard-to-reach areas

I have been joined by eight colleagues representing rural constituencies where superfast (30 Mbps) broadband coverage is below 85 per cent to urge Openreach to develop a fixed wireless strategy for rural areas and work with third party suppliers to deliver holistic solutions.