North Yorkshire police to be bolstered in new recruitment drive

I welcome the news this week that North Yorkshire will be recruiting 58 new police officers. This is part of a new nationwide recruitment drive to hire 20,000 new police officers across the country strengthening their numbers to help crack down on crime.

My campaign to lower tax on British wine

I have launched a campaign to lower duties for small British vineyards. Over forty MPs who have vineyards producing British wine in their constituencies added their support to my call for the creation of a British Small Vineyard Relief (BSVR).

Pledging my support for a Northern Forest

I am one hundred per cent behind ambitious plans to plant a Northern Forest and I would like to appeal to anyone who can to get involved. I was pleased to be able to reiterate my support at a Conservative Environment Network (CEN) event in Manchester celebrating British forests and trees.

Help to Save scheme is proving a great success

The Government-backed savings scheme, Help To Save, has got off to a fantastic start and I want to encourage more people in Thirsk and Malton to take advantage of it.

Parliament is prorogued until the Queen's Speech

Events over the last ten days have moved very swiftly. As you may have seen in a recent comment I have been clear that I do not think the Prime Minister intends to behave unlawfully.