Welcoming Climate Change activists to Westminster

I was very pleased to meet a group of Climate Change protestors from the constituency to discuss their concerns about the future of the environment as part The Time is Now mass protest in Westminster.

Pickering School descends on Parliament

I was delighted to welcome a group of 53 pupils from Pickering school to Westminster today along with some of their teachers. It’s a great privilege for me to show them my place of work.

Highways England must think again about dualling the A64

Along with four Yorkshire MPs, I  have written to Highways England to express our “grave concerns” about its assessment of the need and value for money of a proposed dual carriageway between Hopgrove and Barton Hill.

Voluntary code to crackdown on fraud is welcome news

I welcome the news that eight banks and building societies (PSPs) have signed up to a new voluntary code (the Code) designed to tackle authorised push payment (APP) scams which will offer increased protection to their customers from fraud and the use of stolen money by criminal gangs.