Fairer Funding for the North - November 2017 Update

One of my main concerns since being elected to Parliament in May 2015 is the poor level of transport investment in the North and I have spoken to the Transport Secretary and his ministers on this many times as well as raising the matter at Prime Minister’s Questions.

My Parental Bereavement Bill

My Parental Bereavement (Leave & Pay) Bill has had its Second reading in Parliament today. The new law, once enacted, will give employed parents two weeks paid leave if they lose a child under the age of 18.

Sleep-in payments for Careworkers

This week I raised the issue of ‘sleep-in’ payments with both the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, and the First Secretary of State, Damien Green. These are overnight care arrangements, provided by staff that sleep on-site, responding to emergency requests for support.

Tackling Poverty

People often think that a low income is the best indicator of poverty but it’s not the whole story. Issues of poverty can include access to decent housing, community amenities and social networks, and assets. Somebody who lacks these resources can be said to be ‘poor’ in a wider sense.