'We are all in it together' says Kevin Hollinrake at launch of A64 Partnership

Equitable Life

I am a member of the APPG for Equitable Life which supports policyholders in their campaign to get fairer compensation for their losses.

Fairer Funding for the North

The current system of funding for local authorities is not fair. It is not fair because the amount available to spend per head depends where you live.

Tackling Poverty

People often think that a low income is the best indicator of poverty but it’s not the whole story. Issues of poverty can include access to decent housing, community amenities and social networks, and assets. Somebody who lacks these resources can be said to be ‘poor’ in a wider sense.

Claudia's Law

On January 11th 2017, I was proud to introduce a 10 Minute Rule Bill (Claudia’s Bill) on Guardianship, to help families manage the affairs of their loved ones when they go missing.

Broadband & Mobile Phone Coverage

It’s a fine old world that we live in when a British astronaut can do a marathon in space and yet we struggle to get superfast broadband or a mobile signal to some of our rural areas.


2017 must be the year in which Yorkshire agrees its own devolution deal. That was the message in an open letter to the Yorkshire Post in January, signed by some of the region’s biggest membership organisations and businesses, including the CBI, EEF and IOD. I wholeheartedly agree.