Westminster News

Trade and Agriculture Commission members appointed

I am delighted that the government has acted so swiftly to appoint members to the new Trade and Agriculture Commission which is to advise ministers on how to seize new export opportunities whilst ensuring animal welfare and environmental standards in food production are not undermined.

£30 billion plan for jobs

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement today will provide a massive boost to the hospitality and tourist sector across Thirsk and Malton which has been amongst the hardest hit by coronavirus.

Championing Community Energy

I  am delighted that the pressure group Power for People has joined 187 MPs, including myself, to campaign for the Local Electricity Bill in Parliament.

July 4th – Open for Business

I am delighted that the Prime Minister has announced that, from July 4th, we can reduce the two metre rule to one metre which means that thousands of businesses including a range of wonderful pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and camp sites across the constituency can open from

Easing the lockdown for the shielded

There’s some good news today for the 2.2 million people, including many in Thirsk and Malton, who have been shielding and who have been self-isolating for three months in keeping with medical advice.

When will our pubs, bars and restaurants open?

Our area is blessed with some fabulous hostelries, which are so vital to our way of life and to our visitor economy. I am very hopeful that, from July 4th, the sector will be able to re-open. As things stand, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will have to observe the two-metre distance rule.