Speed limits through the village of Rillington will be introduced later this year

Highways England has confirmed that reduced speed limits are amongst a package of measures which will be introduced in Rillington later this year to encourage drivers to drive more slowly through the village. It says the funding is now in place to design and develop the schemes and start delivery during this financial year. The company, which is responsible for maintaining, improving and operating England’s motorways and A roads is planning to create a gateway scheme for villages on the A64 where reduced speeds of 30mph will be enforced so that there is consistency for drivers along this much used main road.

I have been campaigning hard alongside local Councillor Janet Sanderson and local residents, Colin Wicks and Jonny Dunning, for speed restrictions through Rillington following a number of accidents in the village in recent years. So I am pleased to hear that Highways England has confirmed that these much needed traffic slowing measures will be in place soon. People living in the village are understandably worried about the dangers from cars travelling through the village not only to other drivers but to children and their parents walking to and from school. Progress is frustratingly slow but I intend to keep up the pressure and hope to have more precise details about the timescale soon.

A public consultation has taken place and Highways England has assured me that it has considered all possible additional options, including reviewing traffic signals, but it says it has not been able to identify a solution which won’t, in itself, create further traffic problems. It says its focus is on keeping drivers’ speeds down.