Taking a step back in time at Malton Primary School

I was delighted to have been invited to meet pupils at Malton Community Primary School to hear about their studies into how Malton has changed since the Industrial revolution.

During my visit I was asked to outline my vision of Malton and to talk about the process of bringing about changes in his constituency. Teacher Anna Harrison, who organised the visit gave me a tour of the school with some of the Year 6 leaders before meeting with the school council to discuss issues of concern to both the school and parents. This includes traffic problems outside the school, the number of lorries using the road, poor parking and the need for a replacement lollipop man or woman. Later I met with members of the eco committee.

Their project looking at the history of Malton was fascinating. I was hugely impressed with the community spirit at the school, working together on their traffic campaign and to hear about the fantastic work they have been doing to reduce waste and decrease the amount of single use plastic in school.  This is something I feel very strongly about and am very pleased to see that the school is taking a lead in this.

Ms Harrison said “The children greatly enjoyed talking with Mr Hollinrake and found being able to ask their MP questions about issues that affect their lives very empowering.”