April update following decision to extend Article 50

I’m sorry we have had to extend Article 50 again. But we will leave the EU. We have made that solemn promise in the Referendum in 2016 and we will deliver on it. At the moment there is no doubt that Parliament will not accept no-deal so we will have to find another way through this.

Cut out the middleman and transform the property market for young people

It might seem strange that someone who has acted as a middleman in the housing market for most of his working life would propose disintermediation as a solution to our housing woes, but the opportunities to increase the delivery of truly affordable homes are just too great to miss.

Funding confirmed for new pedestrian refuges at Crambeck

I very much welcome the news that new pedestrian refuges at Welburn and Crambeck on the A64 are now definitely to go ahead after Highways England confirmed that funding is now in place. I have been campaigning for these changes alongside Ryedale Councillor Caroline Goodrick and local residents.